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Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business License Spanish/English


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Brand: Microsoft
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The text editor we all know and love is one of the statements in this pack. Coming to you with a myriad of tools, the app will provide you with everything you need to create professional documents – improved Ribbon interface for easy navigating, tons of templates, fonts, graphics to customize your files as well as adding online videos. The app has an improved Read Mode – the text is concise and divided into columns for a better reading experience and when you reopen a certain file you were reading, Word 2013 will open it on the same page when you left off for your convenience!



Excel 2013 – Create spreadsheets, analyze your data, manage your finances effortlessly with the 2013 release of the Microsoft Office spreadsheet developer. Loaded up with brand new functions and tools to utilize your performance and help you work faster. Easily convert your data into a table or a chart with the new Quick Analysis tool with just a couple of steps. The Flash Fill tool is a great helper for the times you’re in a rush: it autocompletes data for you by studying your typing pattern and the data you put in. The Chart Recommendations tool suggest the most suitable charts to present your data. You also have the option to preview how your data will look in the different charts before committing to a particular one.

PowerPoint 2013 – Packed full of new and improved tools for customizing your presentations and creating them exactly as you please, PowerPoint 2013 continues the tradition of the previous versions of being the best app for creating slide presentations. Even more themes to choose from with customizable color as well as size – now you can make your presentations to fit a widescreen device. What’s more, PowerPoint now supports an even wider variety of media formats such as .mp4 and .mov with H.264 video and AAC audio. It goes without saying that you can upload your projects to OneDrive and access them anytime you need.

OneNote 2013 – OneNote 2013 is so far the best app on the market for storing any type of information and collaborate on projects. You can collect data, include pictures, audio and video files, screenshots, drawings, tables and almost everything else you can think of. But the best part about OneNote 2013 is that it’s especially made for collaborating and you can do that anywhere and anytime you like with the web app and through OneDrive where you can also save them and access them anytime.


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